Tools for Upload to SIMAP

These tools may be downloaded and used to asist with your data collection and results validation. 

Food Data Collection Template

Please, use this tool to collect the food data. Once filled out, you will be able to upload this in the Import tab to populate the food data input. 

Carbon Campus Calculator v.9.1 

The Campus Carbon Calculator (CCC) is a tool to help organizations determine how much they are contributing to global climate change, and how they can manage their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions better.  If you currently use this tool to track and calculate your carbon emissions, you can import all your data from your existing spreadsheet. 

The Excel CCC will be retired on January 15, 2018 and users will transition to SIMAP. 

Tools for Reference

Nitrogen Footprint Tool

The Nitrogen Footprint Tool is an Excel-based tool for calculating the campus nitrogen footprint. Originally developed at the University of Virginia in 2009, this tool has been pilot tested by the Nitrogen Footprint Tool Network and its development was supported by an EPA Cooperative Agreement. For more information on the nitrogen footprint, see Nitrogen Reference and SIMAP User’s Guide. Please note that this tool cannot be uploaded directly to SIMAP and is made available here for demonstration purposes.

Please, suggest additional resources you think may help you and we can add them here.